The Benefits of the Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer essentially is a device which heats dry herbs in a closed vessel (to produce a gas (volatilized air) which contains aromatic plant matter). The scents and tastes of the dried herbs are extracted during the heating process, and users of such a kind of vaporizer will only feel the wonderful effects when inhaling the steam released into the air. There are two types of such devices – one heats the herb to an appropriate temperature, then cools it down to produce a vapor, and the other seals the heated herb in a container, usually with a glass lid, and seals the container shut. Some also use water to lubricate the metal evaporator coil, but water is generally not used in a dry herb vaporizer, since the volatile oils produced by the plants tend to condense on the heating coil, and this liquid is difficult to remove from the coil once it is heated. Thus, some dry herb vaporizers require only a small amount of water to operate.

Some advocates of electronic cigarettes have argued that using dry herb vaporizers to quit smoking is not only more effective than orally drinking cannabis but may be less injurious to your lungs compared to the effects of smoke on your lungs. However, the question you really need to ask is “are there any downsides to utilizing such devices?” The answer is no. In fact, the very opposite is true. There are many advantages to vaporizing dry herbs rather than drinking them, and these advantages are worth exploring.

The most obvious advantage to using a dry herb vaporizer (in contrast to an oral cannabis consumption) is that you can use the device anywhere you are (although obviously not to get high). This allows you to vacation, take vacations, work, school, or virtually anywhere without having to worry about jeopardizing your health by consuming cannabis. One of the major downsides to a cannabis vaporizer is that you can only vaporize dried flowers. Thus, you will have to consume flowers in other forms, like oils or gel, to enjoy the same experience as with dried flowers. A vaporizer allows you to enjoy the dried flower/carrot taste, without consuming the plant material.

Perhaps the next most obvious advantage to choosing a dry herb vaporizer over consuming it is that it is relatively simple and easy to use. You simply fill up a small container with the liquid, insert a pre-ground herb of your choice, and attach a mouthpiece (or your fingers!). You then begin to light the device – either by pushing down on a button, or by pressing the included button. The pre-ground herb blends in with the air, which causes a chemical reaction in the heating element – releasing heat energy and vaporizing the herb in an aromatic cloud of steam. The process is fairly simple to learn and master, and a dry herb vaporizer can make smoking one of your favorite herbs even easier than ever before!

Some final advantages to choosing a dry herb vaporizer are quite simply the health benefits associated with using them. In addition to the aforementioned act of consuming the plant matter, by inhaling your own burned ashes you are getting several different antioxidants, each producing their own unique set of benefits. By combining the different compounds found in dried and ground herbs, you can get a unique set of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial properties from each of your burns. Not only that, but by regularly vaporizing fresh herbs you are increasing your overall nutrient intake without ingesting any of those valuable compounds through your lungs. This is a great way to ensure that you and your family stay healthy!

When you are ready to get your own dry herb vaporizer, be sure to shop carefully. Many vaporizers are cheaply made replicas of the popular electronic cigarettes that are becoming so very popular. While they may look similar, they really are not much different from each other. Make sure that you select a quality unit with a consistent heat output that will match the type of cannabis consumption that you will be doing. Also, keep in mind that you should never use a device while smoking other substances such as alcohol or tobacco, as it can drastically alter your experience and lead to a negative reaction.

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