Interesting Facts About Coffee and Health

When you mention about coffee, what do you think about? For many, drinking coffee is a symbol of the modernity, trendiness and ease with which we all live in our contemporary times. It seems that as soon as we are done with our day’s work, we can down a cup of coffee and be on our way to a relaxed and refreshed state of mind. For others, coffee is much more than just something to have while staying over at home. Click here for more information about hazelnut coffee

What about coffee for the health conscious? It has been said that having a cup of hot coffee in the morning can help increase alertness. This means getting up from bed earlier in the morning so that you can have that extra cup of coffee to perk you up. Another study says that coffee helps to prevent certain types of diseases such as heart disease. Therefore, having your own cup of coffee each day is considered to be an excellent move when it comes to improving your health and preventing some diseases from occurring.

One popular form of coffee is a cappuccino, which is made from steamed milk and hot water. An interesting fact about the beverage is that in Italy, this beverage is referred to as espresso. A fascinating infograph on the history of espresso shows how it came to be:

It is believed that coffee was first discovered by Arab traders in Ethiopia. These traders found that when they roasted the coffee beans, they did not lose their aroma and flavor. They roasted the beans until the beans were almost burned and then they removed the green skin and the beans were left to roast naturally. Thus, the first cup of coffee was created.

Another study found that those who drink coffee everyday tend to have more brittle bones. It is recommended that regular coffee drinkers should drink two cups of coffee each day, especially in the mornings. The study also found that the caffeine from coffee increases the risk of gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. However, those who drink less than two cups of coffee daily do not have increased risk for tooth loss. This does not mean that they can consume coffee and not develop tooth loss; it is just a warning sign.

If you want to know more about coffee and health, check out the “About Coffee” webpage maintained by Starbucks. This website provides information about coffee beans and other coffee products including flavors and types. You can also order coffee online through this site. Check out what Starbucks has to say about coffee production in Arabica and go get your favorite cup of Joe today!

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