Freelance SEO in Lavender Way, Hitchin

As an experienced SEO consultant, I will help your business to succeed by analysing, reviewing, and improving your website with content as required and it’s incoming links. As your consultant I am available to give specialist SEO expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to your business. I will also analyse your competitors and their reverse engineer their strategies to see what they are doing to rank higher than you. From this analysis we will not only be able to match what they are doing but also improve on their SEO strategies. This process will involve marketplace analysis, on and off page seo analysis utilising a range of SEO techniques.

If you want a great looking site that finds potential new clients and converts them into enquiries, all on auto pilot then ask us for a quote and let us help to take your business to the next level. Many web designers don’t understand how Google works, or realise the mistakes that they make with WordPress set up and structure that very often prevent a website from working properly online. Our team of accountants and marketers, use the latest digital Marketing Techniques to help you grow. If you want a UK SEO Hitchin consultant that has an amazing knowledge of technical SEO, is a Google Partner, follows Google guidelines and gets fantastic results for their clients then please get in touch. I have an excellent track record for giving fantastic results for clients across many different industries.

Designing a website is a very visual process – how can you know it’s right until you’ve seen it? If you’re a visual person, we’re a great for for you – we have a well-defined process that ensure you see and input into the process from start to finish. We added full width slideshows on content pages to let visitors easily see each room of the property. Therefore, depending on the screen size being used, the content will automatically resize & format to display perfectly. Two identical websites, one optimised to work in Google, the second, looks identical but loads too slow and is missing many of the 200+ key indicators that will allow it to perform.

We have seen fantastic results from working with Mike as our SEO consultant. We saw a huge increase in traffic and online sales are beyong our expectations. It takes time to get great results but once you are there you just need to maintain them.

The website is user friendly ,easy to navigate and fast as well . Thank you so much Gary and your team for your hard work ,much appreciated. Always happy with the result, great service and friendly people who listen to what you require and deliver even more. Garry at ImageFix has been so helpful in setting up a new email signature for our business to use.

If you understand that your business needs a better online presence, bu you’re not sure on the best course of action, get in touch for a free digital marketing consultation. Videos can be used to increase visibility and reach on social media platforms, as they are more likely to be shared than other types of content. This can help to increase website traffic, and ultimately, sales. Unlock the power of video to reach more customers and grow your business. We have many SEO tools available to us that will help identify the most important keywords to rank your business for. The tools at our disposal will tell us the volume of monthly searches and their difficulty to rank for.

As your site rises up through Google, I’ll monitor the performance and report to you on a monthly process. I will also continue to monitor your competitors and refining both your content and linkbuilding. As a professional SEO consultant I know the importance of regular reviews, without continuous work your website rankings will fall and it will be twice as hard to build it back up. The next is to identify how your website is currently performing and how Google and the other search engines see and crawl your site. Any issues we find during the technical SEL process, will need to be corrected as these can have a massive impact on your Google rankings.

I live and breath SEO and will improve your SEO much more effectively than completing it yourself or working with someone else. Backlinks are the most powerful way of providing ‘trust & authority’, which is what the search engine algorithms use to decide on what sites to show for searches. Backlinks need to be relevant, quality and from trusted sources if they’re going to help your search rankings out. Our link building strategy provides your website with an effective blueprint which Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engines will love. Does your business require a website which also works as an effective online marketing tool?

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