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Please provide a description of the event, reason for release and background information. Each news article has at least one visual element, either a photo, image or infographic. If a photo hasn’t been specifically taken for the article, you can choose something from Aalto’s material bank ( Aalto uses single quotation marks, following the most typical British style. Punctuation (i.e., commas, periods, exclamation points and question marks) is placed within quotation marks.

Frontiers encourages the authors to closely follow the article word count lengths given in the ‘Article types’ page of the journals. Please indicate the number of words and the number of figures and tables included in your manuscript on the first page. Would you like to share the good news about your school or students with the local media? Is your campus or department hosting an newsworthy or notable event? This is your moment to share those juicy pieces of media coverage that you have been rewarded with. Press gets you more press, and even if the coverage is 5 months old, you could actually get lucky with additional coverage simply because the angle was not covered by the curious journalists.

But nothing beats the fact that every so often I get calls asking to print some info about an event in a newspaper that has not been put out in years. Once a lady called me, wanting to publish something in our sports section. She said “Yesterday.” The only problem was the paper hadn’t been published for six months then, and when it had been, it had never had a sports section. Whatever prompts this – whether the change is a new logo or company name, merger or acquisition, shift in product direction – companies need to explain this decision succinctly

Provide a link for journalists to find up-to-date info about company values, profits and other figures subject to frequent change. It is a two-to-three sentence introduction to your press release that hooks your reader and explains the gist of what your release is about. Understanding how a press release and news piece differ can be challenging. Here’s a short example of what a press release about an upcoming lecture looks like versus what a news piece about the same lecture might look like. Once you’re finished with production, it’ll be time to focus on distribution. The next two to three paragraphs should include quotes from a company spokesperson or business executive to explain the “”why”” behind this announcement.

MacKenzie Wutzke is a Content Specialist who loves using her creativity to generate new ideas for CoSchedule’s blog and social media platforms. She believes in the power of words, and the impact they can have on people. When not writing for CoSchedule, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, baking, and composing new songs on her ukulele. This bundle will help you format and create killer press releases quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what journalists think about your press releases withAdvice from a previous column including thoughts fromDerek Thompson, Senior Editor, The Atlantic. PR Newswire encourages press release writers to include embedded images or videos with every release. Because they’re viewed by an online audience, these press releases tend to have better reach if they include rich content.

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