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Shopping for barber equipment, let’s help you determine which aesthetic best fits your barbershop. Understanding the current look of your shop and being able to compare it to the design you want to have will be very helpful as you read about ways to elevate your space. Shopping for barber stations or adding decor that elevates your shop’s aesthetic? In this article, we will cover many ways that you can instantly elevate your barbershop through your barber stations. If you need a barber station which contains cabinet,open storage space and lockable drawer,our latest barber station can meet all your needs.You no…

Aside from the design of the barber unit, factors like the quality of materials and its functionality are important as well. The barber unit should be picked with the size and the general design of the barber shop in mind. Well-chosen barber units can create a wonderful appearance in the salon.

He was very chatty, cheerful and quite fast in action. I couldn’t see much without my glasses so I did not realise at the time what was happening, and the barber insisted on adding wax at the end which made it look decent at the spot. Only after a quick wash at home, I understood why the wax was so important – the haircut was completely botched up with clear step differences on the top. Only way to fix the cut was with over the head buzz cut.

Personalize your barber stations with plaques that have your barbers’ names on them with their social media handles. This is a great way to get your clients involved with your shop on social media and it also gives your barbers a sense of ownership and pride over their station. Shopping for anti-fatigue mats that boast a cool checkered pattern or bold color. This is an easy yet effective way to make your barber stations stand out and feel special.

Use as a hair tonic to restyle your hair or as an aftershave with a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Barberstation Pomade imparts a medium firm hold to your hair, with a high shine and a delicious, fresh fragrance. Item Description Are you looking for a multifunctional shampoo station with mirror? This shampoo bowl station will meet all your needs! Item Description Are you looking for a multi-functional salon cabinet for your shop?

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