A Review of Disney Games For Kids

It can be great fun for the entire family when you take part in the many Disney games for kids. As a matter of fact, a large number of these interactive applications have been developed specifically with young children in mind. These games and applications will stimulate the mind and provide for an entire range of new learning opportunities. In this article I will discuss some of the more popular Disney game learning options that are available.

If you enjoy classic Mickey Mouse video games then there are several kids games for kids available that feature this icon along with all of his famous friends. The Disney Epic Mickey video preview is a terrific way to get introduced to this beloved cartoon hero. The epic Mickey video preview game is a side-scrolling action adventure game where Mickey is the main playable character. The game itself is very charming and engaging. This particular kid’s game allows two players to jump into the magical world of Neverland and Mickey is accompanied by his loyal Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto.

Another fun digital download from Slot Online Disney for kids is the Disney Heroes: Castle Crasher. This is a flash based strategy and adventure game that recreates the classic video game characters and gameplay of the popular TV series. The action and adventure theme of this game are complemented perfectly by its great story line and excellent audio quality. The plot revolves around a young boy who must rescue his friends who were taken away by the evil Queen. If you love the classic video game versions of these Disney cartoons then you are going to love this kid’s game that offers both classic video game play and incredible animated 3D animation.

In addition to the above mentioned two games there are also several other titles available for your kids enjoyment. As you might suspect there is a good deal of replay value associated with a lot of these titles. The great thing about the great titles like Turbo Chamber or War for the Gems is they offer plenty of replay value because you can basically continue where you left off from in the first game. This means that playing through these games over again can provide your kids with hours of gaming fun.

Unfortunately, not all titles from Disney Games for Kids are created equal. Some of them are not as fun to play as others which can lead to frustration and boredom for your kids. For example, one of my favorite games called Phineas and Ferb: The Ultimate Game doesn’t really offer a lot of replay value. It’s just a bland adventure game that involves you cleaning out a cabin before you move on to the next location.

Some other Disney kids games for kids include Disney Epic Mickey and Disney Vs. Sponge Bob. While both games are great entertainment for children of all ages they fall a little short for my family. The problem with both of those titles is that they are too simplistic for my six-year-old who still has trouble understanding what all the buttons do. The overall game play of both of those games are fun enough for younger kids but if you’re looking for a more engaging title for your kid there aren’t a lot of options out there.

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